DIY vs. Professional Movers: Pros and Cons

As you prepare for an upcoming move, one of the main decisions you’ll need to make is whether to utilize the services of professional movers or attempt to do it all yourself. There are benefits and drawbacks that come with each route, and you’ll find that the choice is quite a personal one. Learn more about what to expect with each of these moving methods below.

DIY Moving

When it comes to DIY moving, there are several pros and cons to keep in mind. As far as disadvantages go, one of the often-overlooked aspects of this process is the physical labor involved. Moving heavy furnishings and boxes can be physically demanding and can lead to aches and strains. Furthermore, it is a time-consuming process and has more potential for damage due to improper packing and handling of delicate items.

Of course, with DIY moving, you’ll have the advantage of having full control over the process, including the timeline. Furthermore, you may find that the upfront cost is cheaper, although it is important to calculate in the value of your time as you compare your options.

Professional Movers

Unlike DIY moving, professional moving offers the advantage of time savings, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your move. Additionally, working with professional movers is less likely to lead to damage thanks to their specialized experience with packing fragile items.

Some professional movers such as Smart Move Moving also offer moving insurance at no extra charge, which can give you much-needed peace of mind during what is often a stressful transition.

There are a few disadvantages to consider, though. Professional moving will likely cost you more than DIY, although it is important to keep in mind whether insurance is included. Furthermore, you’ll need to ensure you choose a moving service that can accommodate your schedule.

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