Tips for Senior Citizens During a Move in the Tampa Bay, FL, Area

Move Tampa Bay FLPulling off a stress-free move can be a challenge for anyone, let alone the elderly. Whether you are a senior citizen who is moving to a similar size house in the Tampa Bay, Florida, area or downsizing to a smaller one, moving is a process that requires smart planning ahead of time. If you are diligent and take the following steps along the way, you can effectively eliminate the headaches and make sure that your move goes off without a hitch.

  • Create a plan – Ask yourself how much of the move you want to accomplish yourself. Will the movers you hire do the packing as well? Will you be placing any items into storage? It’s important to get a clear idea of what needs to be done so that you can start tackling your tasks early.
  • Break up your tasks – Break your move down into smaller, more manageable pieces. Choose one small area in your home, such as a drawer or cabinet, and start working there. Taking care of a small amount of work daily will benefit you greatly once moving day comes.
  • Save your memories – If you are downsizing, you may not be able to move with all of your belongings. If that’s the case, you can keep the memory without keeping the physical item by taking photos, or keeping swatches of your favorite T-shirts to make into a quilt. You may also want to consider giving your items to a local agency or non-profit that will donate them in support of an important cause.
  • Pack a suitcase – Put all of your essentials in a suitcase on the day of your move, even if you are only travelling a short distance within the Tampa Bay, FL, area. It should only contain items that you will most immediately need, such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap, trash bags, a first aid kit, and any medications.

At Smart Move Moving, we understand that relocating from your home in the Tampa Bay, FL, area can be stressful. If you need a trustworthy company to help get your move unfolding smoothly, contact our team of highly experienced and trustworthy moving professionals today.