How to Tip Your Moving Help in the Tampa, FL, Area

Moving Help Tampa FLHiring moving help to relocate your home or business in the Tampa, Florida, area can take a huge amount of stress and hassle out of the process. That’s why it’s important to show appreciation for the people assisting you by tipping them for a job well done. As with any individual providing a service, their tip should be based largely on how well they performed, so if your moving help was prompt, professional, and efficient, there are proper measures you can take to let them know you valued their service:

  • Tip according to the amount of hours your moving help spent working, not according to percentages. Unlike the restaurant industry, percentages don’t really work with moves, since they vary greatly depending upon the size of the move and how long it takes for the crew to finish. To calculate tip amount, consider how many hours they worked. For a half-day (about 4 hours) then $10 a person is considered fair. If they’ve worked 8 hours or more that would be considered a full day’s work, so $20-$40 would be appropriate.
  • Don’t give the lump sum to the foreman. Instead, tip your moving help individually to avoid the risk of anyone missing out on their fair share. Tipping this way also gives you the opportunity to show each person you appreciate their efforts.
  • Avoid giving the crew alcohol. Most legitimate moving companies have a rule against their movers drinking alcohol on the job, so if you want to show appreciation, give them a cold bottled water and buy them lunch instead.

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