Tips to Consider When Using Storage Units in St. Petersburg, FL

Storage Units St. Petersburg FLSt. Petersburg, Florida, features storage units suitable for numerous purposes. Whether you need some additional room so you can empty out your over-crowded closets or you need a place to temporarily store some extra furniture during a move, you can surely find storage units in a size that will meet your needs. However, to ensure you select the most appropriate unit for you, you should first determine exactly how you are going to use the unit and then create a plan for the space that will guarantee easy access to your belongings.

For instance, if you are searching for storage units because you need to store delicate antiques or important, valuable items that could become damaged in extreme heat, you may want to consider renting an air-conditioned unit, which will maintain a temperature that helps keeps your belongings in good condition. Or if you plan on making frequent trips to the unit at various times of day, you should seek out a storage unit facility that has flexible hours, ensuring that you will always have convenient access to the items inside.

Once you’ve selected a storage facility, the next task is to set up the unit for the easiest access to your belongings. Storage units that are unplanned and unorganized can quickly become frustrating when you need to add in something new or need to remove an item but have no idea where it is. Here are some tips for keeping your storage unit in St. Petersburg organized:

  • Label all boxes, and have the labels facing out so that they can be read at a glance
  • Create aisles that allow you to safely walk around in your unit to access any item you may need
  • Keep boxes stacked at a reasonable height to ensure that they won’t pose a threat if they fall and so that accessing lower boxes isn’t an inconvenience
  • Keep a list of everything inside of the unit so you can easily keep track of all of your belongings

If you’re looking for convenient and accessible storage units in the St. Petersburg, FL area, contact Smart Move Moving today. We offer a variety of secure storage units at affordable rates.