Finding the Right Size Storage Units in St. Petersburg, FL

Storage Units St Petersburg FLIf you’re running out of space in your St. Petersburg, Florida, home or office, storage units may be worth your consideration. But to make the rental truly worth your while, you’ll want to make sure you have the right size unit for your needs.

Here at Smart Move Moving, we specialize in helping St. Petersburg home and business owners find the perfect storage solution for their unique situation. Below, we list the most common sizes for storage units, and a handy description of what they’ll hold.

  • 25-square-foot unit: The contents of one small bedroom (a twin bed, dresser, and 3-4 boxes), or the contents of one small personal office (a desk, office chair, and a few filing cabinets)
  • 50-square-foot storage unit: The contents of one large bedroom (a queen or king bed, a dresser, an armoire, and 5-7 boxes), or the contents of one large personal office (a desk, an office chair, a computer system, a bookshelf, and a large filing cabinet system)
  • 100-square-foot storage unit: The contents of a large family room (a sofa, loveseat, bookshelf, and coffee table), or the contents of an entire small office (multiple desks, chairs, computers, and a copier/scanner)
  • 200-square-foot storage unit: The contents of an entire five-bedroom home (including specialty items such as a piano, washer/drier, and large screen TV), or the entire contents of five individual office rooms (several employee cubicles, fax machines, filing cabinets, and personal boxes)

While storage units of 250-300+ square feet are also available, few home or business owners need a space that large. These modules can accommodate the contents of a 5-7 bedroom house (or equally large office).

Here at Smart Move, our St. Petersburg, FL, facility has storage units ranging from 3’x5’x9’ to 10x’20’x9’. To find out which space would best meet your needs, contact us today.