Choosing Between Storage Units in St. Petersburg, FL – Questions to Ask

Storage Units St. Petersburg FL

Storage units can be a great option for keeping your belongings safe, especially if you’re moving but can’t fit everything into your new home. Once you have secured your new home in St. Petersburg, Florida, or the surrounding area, your next step is to look for storage units that will suit your needs. There are several important questions to ask when looking at storage facilities:

Will my possessions be safe? Security should be a priority when looking at storage units. Ask about what kind of security system is in place and how secure the access is to the units. An enclosed storage unit that has video surveillance may help deter theft of your belongings.

Will I be able to access my belongings? Ask about the hours of operation. You want to make sure that you can get into your unit on days and times that are convenient for you. You should also consider the location of the unit, as well.  For example, if your new residence is in downtown St. Petersburg, you should look for storage units that are close by so you can access your unit quickly when you need to.

What features do I need in the storage unit? When storing your prized possessions, you want to make sure that your belongings are in a suitable environment. Important documents and records, antiques, and electronics might be better protected in an air-conditioned environment. You should also consider space. Storage units come in difference sizes, so look for a unit that has enough space to easily house your items.

If you’re looking for storage units in St. Petersburg, FL, during your move, keep these questions in mind to help guide your decision. Your possessions are important to you, so take care when you are looking for a place to keep them.