Climate-Controlled Storage Facilities: Advantages for Residents of the St. Petersburg, FL, Area

Storage Facilities St. Petersburg FLClimate-controlled storage facilities are extremely advantageous for residents of the St. Petersburg, Florida, area, compared to basic self-storage. The definition of what climate-controlled storage facilities are may vary slightly depending upon the facility, but in general, these units should not fall below freezing in the winter or rise above 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. While a climate-controlled unit isn’t necessary for some belongings such as yard equipment that might be stored outside in a tool shed, more sensitive items such as antiques, wooden and leather furniture, artwork, and clothing could all become badly damaged in storage facilities without any temperature regulation.

Here are some of the main benefits of climate-controlled storage facilities for residents in the St. Petersburg, FL, area:

  • Outside elements stay out – Climate-controlled storage units are usually within a finished building that has insulated and sealed roofs, floors, and walls. This means outside elements like dust, dirt, rodents, and pesky insects like moths, bees, and wasps will have a hard time making their way inside your unit. Termites are also kept away thanks to concrete and metal construction.
  • Regulation of extreme temperatures – It is especially crucial for storage units located in areas with drastic temperature changes to be climate controlled. If the weather changes from extremely hot in the summer to much colder in the winter, items such as wood-based furniture, antiques, and metal begin to expand and contract – causing them to crack, split, or warp from the fluctuation.
  • Better atmospheric quality – Because standard storage units aren’t sealed the same way as a climate-controlled unit, they can cause your sensitive items such as electronics and documents to deteriorate over time. Conversely, since the air is constantly being circulated in a climate-controlled unit, the debris and dust particles won’t settle on and damage your things.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits of climate-controlled storage facilities, Smart Move Moving is the company for you. Our secure facility is climate controlled as well as pest controlled, comfortably air conditioned, and has 24/7 video surveillance, so you can have peace of mind knowing your valued possessions are safe.

Contact Smart Move Moving today for more information about our storage facilities. We proudly serve residents of St. Petersburg, FL, and all other surrounding communities.