Trusted Moving & Storage Company of St. Petersburg, FL Offers Clean, Reliable Protection for Your Belongings

Are you looking for a storage company that can be trusted with the safety of your personal belongings? Look no further than Smart Move Moving and Storage, Inc. of St. Petersburg, Florida. As a full service moving and storage company, Smart Move boasts two full levels of storage units that are fully air-conditioned to ensure the continued protection of your belongings. With monthly pest control and 24-hour video surveillance, our storage company provides complete, round-the-clock security for your belongings.

Whether you need short-term storage for your furniture while moving from Tampa to Sarasota, or you are looking for a long-term storage unit for items you don’t use regularly, Smart Move Moving can offer protection from moisture, extreme temperatures, pests, and burglary with our state-of-the-art units. We offer a wide selection of sizes in order to meet the various needs of our clients. From 3’x5’x9′  to 10’x15’x9′, our storage units will fit all your items, from a few boxes of books to couches, beds, antiques, and more. Our facility is also fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Our storage company is dedicated to the satisfaction of every customer, and with that in mind we offer rates as low as $25 per month, ensuring that no matter your budget you can receive safe, secure self storage. There is also no deposit required, further relieving any financial strain normally associated with storage facilities. Finally, because we know that everyone has a different schedule in their busy lives, we provide our customers with secure internal access for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t worry that you’ll have to wait until Monday to pick up an item you needed on Saturday – we’ll be open for you.

Storage can be simple and affordable with the services offered by Smart Move Moving and Storage, Inc. of St. Petersburg, Florida. Contact us today for more information on our storage company, whether you are in Clearwater, Tampa, or Sarasota. Call our St. Petersburg office at 727-327-5520, our Tampa office at 813-221-0231, or toll-free from anywhere in Florida at 1-800-258-4398.