Three Types of Moving Quotes for Your Local Tampa, FL Move

moving-quotes-tampaWhen you’re looking for a moving company for your local Tampa, Florida move, one of the first things you will want to do is begin requesting moving quotes. These can be done over the Internet, the phone, or in-person, though in-person quotes will generally give you the most accurate estimate. While it’s tempting to opt for the company with the cheapest quote, be aware that not all estimates are created equal.

When you request moving quotes, there are three types of estimates a company can give you:

Binding estimate. When you receive this type of quote, it is a guaranteed price, or the exact cost you will be charged for moving services. Even if your final weight ends up being greater or lesser than estimated, the quote will not change. Note that if you end up adding items to your move or request additional services not discussed during the estimate, your mover may end up voiding the original estimate and giving you an adjusted price.

Non-binding estimate. When you receive a non-binding estimate, your final cost is based on the weight of the shipment and actual services provided during the move. In other words, your price proposal is not guaranteed and you could end up paying more for your move.

Binding not-to-exceed estimate. This is very similar to a binding estimate, but it differs in the fact that if the actual weight of the shipment and services provided are less than the estimate, you pay the lesser amount.

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