How to Hire Moving Help for Your Corporate Move in St. Petersburg, FL

Moving Help St Petersburg FLHiring moving help to relocate your business in St. Petersburg, Florida doesn’t have to be stressful. Instead, with careful planning, you’ll be able to hire the right company to make your moving experience a pleasant one. No matter whether you need to move your company to a new floor in the same building, across town, or across the state, there is a way to hire the precise moving help that you will need.

There are several things to consider when hiring moving help:

  • What services will I need?  Do you need help packing up bulky desks, chairs, electronic equipment, or documents and files? If you do, look for a moving company that will send you professional movers with years of experience packing and unpacking many different kinds of office furnishings, especially fragile items like electronic technology.
  • Where am I moving to? If you’re moving just a short distance, you probably want help with the packing and moving process to maintain productivity within the office. If you’re relocating farther away, you’ll need moving help from a professional company to load furniture and equipment into moving vans and ship them for you while you coordinate other matters, such as keeping your business running during the move.
  • How long will I need help for? You will most likely be booking your moving help by the hour, so calculating the amount of time your move might require will help determine the cost of hiring movers. Think about how many square feet of space you need packed up, shipped, and unloaded at your new location. Depending on your moving distance within St. Petersburg, a small office space under 800 square feet may take 3-to-4 hours while a larger office of 1,500 or more square feet can take a whole 8-hour day.

Once you determine what services you’ll need and how long you’ll need them for, search for professional movers in your area who have a good reputation and can provide you with an honest moving estimate upfront. At Smart Move Moving, we offer dependable moving help to customers in the St. Petersburg, FL area and beyond. For more information, contact one of our moving specialists today.