How Long Will You Need your St. Petersburg, FL, Moving Help? Tips for Booking the Right Block of Time

Moving Help St Petersburg FLIn St. Petersburg, Florida, moving help often charges by the hour, and blocking off an insufficient amount of time can make an already stressful day even more hectic. However, over-estimating the amount of help you’ll need can result in unnecessary costs – especially if you pay in advance. If you’re moving in the near future, the following tips can help you plan for the perfect amount of time.

  • Decide what you’ll do yourself. In addition to typical moving help, most moving companies offer packing and furniture re-assembly services. When scheduling your day-of timeline, be sure to factor in these additional services – or decide to tackle them yourself in advance.
  • Think square feet, not number of rooms. If your moving help will be staying within the St. Petersburg city limits, a 600-800 square foot space should take between 3 and 4 hours to move; 900-1200 square feet may take closer to 6 hours, while anything over 1500 square feet may be a full 8 hour job.
  • Add movers, subtract hours. A job that takes one mover 6 hours might take two movers only 3 hours. Check with your preferred moving company to see if a two- or three-person team can get the job done in less time, at a better overall cost.
  • Request an on-site quote. Homeowners often forget to factor in extra time for tricky objects, long hallways/driveways, and other unique variables. Before you book your moving help, ask for a free on-site estimate to make sure everything is factored into your timeline.

At Smart Move, we offer affordable hourly rates, and guaranteed pick up/delivery windows to streamline your timeline. To get a complimentary quote for our St. Petersburg, FL, moving help, contact us today.