Things to Discuss with Your Tampa Bay, FL Moving Company Before You Move

Moving Company Tampa Bay FLYour big moving day is almost here, and you’ve hired a moving company in Tampa Bay to help you with the move. Before the day arrives, there are several topics you should discuss and clarify with your moving company to make the relocation as efficient and stress-free as possible.

  • Cost of the move – Now is the time to finalize all moving costs with your mover, because the last thing you want are surprise fees or additional charges when you receive your final bill. Make sure you have a firm price set for the move before the day arrives.
  • Insurance – Many Tampa Bay moving companies provide basic insurance on the move, but you may want to discuss other insurance options, especially if you are concerned about your expensive belongings incurring damage. Check to see what your home policy offers in case items are damaged during a move as well. You may not need extra insurance from your moving company if your home policy covers you. In addition, another form of “insurance” you can invest in is making sure to hire an experienced and reputable moving company, as this will reduce the chances of your items becoming damaged in the first place.
  • The new home – In order for your movers to do an efficient job of loading and unloading your belongings, you should discuss with them the layout of the destination so that the moving truck is packed and organized according to where each box or furniture item is going. This will help save you and your moving crew time and frustration instead of figuring out the details last minute or the same day as the move.

At Smart Move Moving, we provide our customers with tips and advice to make every move a good move. If you’re looking for a moving company in the Tampa Bay FL area, contact our specialists for more information about our services.