How to Make Sure Your Local St. Petersburg, FL Moving Company Gives You an Accurate Moving Quote

moving-company-stpeteOne of the first steps in the process when it comes to moving in the St. Petersburg, FL area is requesting a quote from a moving company. Quotes can be done online, over the phone, or in person at your home. Your local St. Petersburg, Florida moving company has a legal obligation to provide you with a quote, but that doesn’t mean the quote will be an accurate representation of what you will actually pay for their services. For example, some moving companies will provide you with a very affordable moving quote to appear competitive, but their quote will fail to tell you about surcharges, fees, and other hidden costs that you will be responsible for paying when the move is completed.

When it comes time for you to request a quote, give yourself the best chance of receiving an accurate cost estimate from your moving company by:

Getting an in-home estimate. An in-home estimate will usually provide you with the most accurate moving quote. Since the estimator will be at your house and physically walking through each room, he or she will have a better understanding of what and how much will need to be moved. This will help the estimator understand the scope of work and provide a more accurate quote.

Asking about extra fees that may be tacked on during the move. When the estimator provides you with the final quote, ask about anything extra that may have not been included on the quote, and once you receive the final tally, get the promise in writing that no additional fees will be added. Ethical moving companies will be upfront and honest about extra fees that may be incurred during the move and if a moving company is not, then you most likely don’t want to use them.

There are many pieces to consider when it comes time to choose a moving company for your move. You want a reputable company that puts their customers first and the best way to assess this early on is through the moving quote process. Most dependable companies want to be upfront and honest about what their charges are and how they set a price for different relocation services. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about your quote and require your St. Petersburg moving company to be straightforward about their pricing structure. Getting an accurate moving quote is the first step to take in finding a relocation company that will make your next move your easiest one yet.