Finding Moving Companies for a Last Minute Tampa Bay, FL, Move

Moving Companies Tampa Bay FLIn an ideal world, we’d all plan relocations months in advance – but occasionally, Tampa Bay, FL, residents need to find moving companies at the last minute. When that’s the case, home and business owners have several options to avoid a frazzled, frantic moving experience.

When you don’t have weeks to research all of the different moving companies doing business in Central Florida, a few hours (and a few candidates!) may have to suffice. Below, our movers share their best tips for making the most of a shortened amount of time.

  • Request an in-home consultation. Although it can be tempting to book moving companies over the phone, it’s wiser to request an in-home consultation. It’ll take less than an hour – and it helps reduce the chance of surprise fees when the mover discovers that “four rooms of furniture” really means “several pieces of art and a pool table.”  (Bonus: You’ll also be able to meet a company representative in person, and your gut instinct can help you decide if they’re a team you can trust.)
  • Don’t feel forced to decide on the spot. Reputable moving companies will explain all of their costs, answer your questions, and leave you with a written estimate. Once you’ve compared the services offered by each company and are ready to book, you’ll know that the price you were initially quoted will still be available.
  • Check consumer reviews. Since you won’t have unlimited time to research your company’s history, supplement your basic research with consumer reviews. Get a feel for the quality of work that they do, and make a mental note of issues that other customers experienced with the crew in question.

Are you ready to get started with your last minute move? Consider Smart Move’s Tampa Bay, FL, moving services and our reputation as one of the area’s most reliable moving companies.