Tips for Communicating with Your Tampa, FL Movers

Movers Tampa FLMovers can be a smart splurge when you relocate in Tampa, FL – but to maximize the return on your investment, you’ll need to communicate effectively with your team. This is true both before and after you make the hire – and, of course, on the day of the actual move. So how can you communicate most effectively with your movers?

During preliminary research…

–          If you have a budget, state it up front. If they know what you can afford, movers may be willing work with you to keep expenses below a certain number – with no unpleasant surprises when the final bill comes.

–          When you request a quote, find out exactly what the quote includes. Is it hourly or flat-rate? Will you have to pay surcharges for equipment or mileage?

While finalizing your plans…

–          Strategize a game plan. What time will your moving crew arrive? Should they call you when they’re on their way? Will they need a gate code? Where will they park the moving van? Hammer out the little details in advance to make moving day less hectic.

–          Discuss when payment is due – and what forms of payment your movers accept.

When moving day rolls around…

–          If you’re planning to help with boxes and lighter furniture, ask if they have a specific plan for loading the truck. This can save quite a bit of unnecessary re-arranging.

–          Be open to their professional opinion. Some things – like deciding the best way to transport a fragile item – are best left to experienced Tampa movers.

–          Make sure your movers have your contact number in case of any incidents en route to your new home.

–          If you notice an issue with one of your possessions being damaged by a mover, point it out politely. If possible, provide your moving team with a picture of the item prior to the move, and inquire about their damaged item policy.

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