Choosing Antique Movers in the Tampa Bay, FL, Area

Movers Tampa Bay FLWhile most moving companies in the area can handle standard furniture, antiques should only be handled by a trusted and experienced team of Tampa Bay, FL movers. It’s one thing to move a mattress; it’s another thing to move a priceless vintage item. Before you commit to a moving company, make sure the movers will be able to handle your belongings with the care they deserve.

First, you’ll want to make sure the movers are licensed and insured. Nothing can replace a family heirloom, but knowing that there’s a measure of protection against mishaps is priceless.

You’ll also want to make sure your movers have access to a wide selection of protective materials. Different items require different packaging; you’ll want a mover that can utilize the appropriate blankets, bubble sheets, foam wrappers, and dust covers.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll want to work with an antique moving specialist. As you shop for a moving company, inquire about high-value moves that the team has completed in the past, and make sure they’re comfortable with the specific type of item that you’re moving. (Just because they’ve successfully moved china dishware doesn’t mean they’ll be equipped to handle a marble statue.)

Here at Smart Move, our professional movers are well experienced in packing and transporting a wide range of antiques. Our fragile item specialists can handle heirlooms and collectibles of every shape and size, including:

  • Porcelain, china, and glass
  • Chandeliers
  • Statues, paintings, and art
  • Grand pianos
  • Handcrafted wooden furniture

No matter what specialty items you have in your Tampa Bay home or business, our movers will take extra care in getting them to their next destination. Protective packing materials and insurance are included in every one of our moving packages.

If your antiques require delicate crating, our movers can even build a custom container to protect them during transport. Custom crating is done on-site; this allows us to build an appropriate container after we assess the item in person.

Are you interested in receiving a custom quote for your upcoming antique move? Contact our Tampa Bay, FL movers today to get pricing options and additional information.