Hiring Movers and Packers for Your Upcoming Move in St. Petersburg, FL

Movers and Packers St. Petersburg FLWhen hiring movers and packers in the St. Petersburg, Florida, area, it is important to give careful consideration to all of your options during the selection process – there are many fly-by-night moving companies out there, and you’ll want to do your due diligence when completing your research and making arrangements. There are certain criteria to look for when hiring movers and packers, and this article will address several topics to help you choose a reputable, reliable moving company.

After you’ve selected a moving date, it’s time to begin your research. There are many moving companies in St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas, but they won’t all offer the same service and guarantees. Here are some things to look for:

  • Time guarantees – Your time is valuable, and during the moving process, time can equate to money. Seek out a company that guarantees its pick-up and delivery times. You don’t want spend your time waiting for your movers and packers to arrive and begin their work.
  • Comprehensive moving services – Some moving companies provide nothing more than a moving truck and a couple of strong hands to do the heavy lifting. But what if you need packing supplies and assistance securing your belongings in the proper packaging? Ask to see if the company offers full moving services including packing help, moving supplies, or other specialty services you may need, such as antique transportation.
  • Experience – You’ll want a moving company that has many years of experience in the industry. This can help reduce the potential for damage to your belongings during the moving process, because your movers are more likely to have to knowledge and skills necessary to properly pack and transport whatever items you may have.

If you’re planning for an upcoming move in the St. Petersburg, FL, area, turn to Smart Move Moving. Our team of expert movers and packers not only meet the above criteria, but they will also exceed them with our exceptional customer service. To learn more about the benefits of hiring our professional movers, contact Smart Move Moving today.