Timeline of a Move: Making Moving Easier for You and Your Tampa Bay, FL Mover

Mover Tampa Bay FLA successful moving day requires lots of planning – especially if you’re hiring a Tampa Bay, FL mover. Preparation minimizes the amount of “down time” you pay your movers for – and keeps you calm during an otherwise hectic occasion. So, what’s an ideal timeline?

2 months out – Decide what you’ll want your mover to bring to your new location, and what you’ll want to part with beforehand. Tackling this early takes the pressure off the big decisions – like whether or not great-grandma’s vintage cedar chest makes the cut.

Researching moving companies. Find the going rate for an experienced mover in your Tampa Bay, FL neighborhood, and read consumer reviews to narrow down the strongest contenders for your moving help.

1 month out – Start packing rarely used odds and ends, like camping gear or off-season clothing. Getting a head start can make the final packing day easier for you and your mover.

Make the final choice on your moving company. Get an advance quote, then reserve your date!

1 week out – If you’re packing yourself, start boxing up one room at a time. If a professional mover is doing the packing, write out an inventory list, and document it through photographs of each individual item.

The day before – Empty your fridge. Deep clean countertops, walls, and floors, and double-check easily forgettable spaces (like a backyard storage shed) to make sure your mover won’t leave anything behind.

The day of – Set your alarm for at least two hours before the movers are scheduled to arrive. Fuel up with a hearty breakfast, lace up a closed-toed pair of shoes, and load any small items you’re transporting yourself (like personal electronics) into your car.

Once the crew arrives, check each item off your inventory list as they move it into their truck. Then sit back and let your Tampa Bay, Florida mover put their professional expertise to work!