Moving Hacks: Help Your Mover with These Tips and Tricks to Make Moving Day Easier in Tampa Bay, FL

Mover Tampa Bay FLThe prospect of hiring a mover in Tampa Bay, Florida, and starting fresh somewhere new can be an exciting one. The moving part, however, can get quite stressful – but have no fear! There are plenty of neat tips and tricks that will make the process faster and easier for you and your mover. Here are just a few:

  • Use clear plastic bins for all your essentials. Things you’ll need immediately like phone chargers, kitchen utensils, tools, and toilet paper will be more easily identified in a clear box, making it simple for you or your mover to spot and retrieve it right away.
  • Place glasses into your clean socks. It may seem strange, but sliding your glasses and stemware into clean socks will protect them with the extra padding, as well as save you some precious packing space.
  • Use saran wrap for your toiletries. Remove the cap on your bathroom products, place the plastic over the opening, and then put the caps back on. This will keep your bottles from leaking during the move.  
  • Use sandwich bags for hardware and screws. Whenever you or your mover take something apart, just drop the hardware and screws into a sandwich bag and duct tape it to the piece it belongs to for easy retrieval later.
  • Place reading materials in luggage. Books and magazines are heavy, so make it easy on you and your mover by putting them in rolling suitcases.
  • Snap a picture. Take a photo of how and where the wires on your electronics are connected so you’ll remember where everything should be plugged back in.
  • Utilize colored tape. Assign each room a color code and label that room’s boxes correspondingly, then label the door of each room with the matching tape so you and your mover know exactly where to place the boxes.
  • Be insured. Make sure that the mover you hire has the appropriate insurance coverage, especially if you have valuable or fragile belongings being transported, so you’ll be covered in the event anything is damaged.

For a professional mover that knows the ins-and-outs of making your move in the Tampa Bay, FL, area stress-free, call Smart Move Moving today and we’ll give you a free quote.