Surviving a Summer Move in the Tampa Bay, FL, Area

Move Tampa Bay FlMoving is tiring in general, but a summer move in the Tampa Bay, FL, area can be downright brutal. Even if you have professional movers handling the physical labor, it’s important to be mindful of heat-induced fatigue that comes with being outside for most of the day as you go back-and-forth between your former location and your new one. Below, our moving experts share their tips for surviving a summer move in Central Florida.

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Start upping your water intake several days before the big move. On moving day itself, be sure to have an adequate supply of cool drinks on hand for both you and your moving help. As you pack, leave out a few handheld bottles so that you can bring the water with you throughout the day.
  • Take advantage of off-peak hours. In Tampa Bay, temperatures are typically highest between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. If at all possible, pack your belongings in advance. This way, when your actual moving day rolls around, you won’t have to waste the cool morning hours on indoor prep work. If your mover meets you at your home at 8 or 9 a.m., you can knock out at a significant portion of your move before it gets unbearably warm.
  • Dress smart. Although it’s tempting to wear your favorite athletic wear when you move, it’s better to select looser garments and lighter fabrics. Pack away your heavy denim and sweatpants; as you power through the day, you’ll feel much better in lightweight cotton.
  • Stay alert. Luckily, heat exhaustion can be avoided. During your move, monitor your family and moving crew for excessive sweating, pallid skin, and dazed expressions. If anyone starts to display signs of heat-related illnesses, find a shaded spot for them to sit down and encourage them to rest – whether or not they’re on the clock.

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