Tips for a Smooth Move in St. Petersburg, FL

Move St. Petersburg FLIf you’re getting ready to move in the St. Petersburg, Florida area, you know how stressful a move can be. There are many things to think about: organizing, packing, coordinating pick-up and delivery times with your movers, changing your address, and forwarding your mail, all of which barely scratches the surface of the long list of tasks that need to be completed when you relocate to a new home. Here are some helpful tips to help make the move go as smoothly as possible.

  • Set aside personal necessities – When you are moving, you’ll want easy access to a change of clothes and toiletries so you can shower and freshen up after a long day of packing, traveling, and unpacking. Keeping a small suitcase or a box with these essential items within easy reach will be easier than sorting through all of your boxes for them when you arrive at your new home.
  • Keep water and snacks handy – St. Petersburg can be hot, making it very easy to become dehydrated when packing and moving. Additionally, the commotion of a move can interrupt regular meal times. Having snacks to keep your energy levels up and plenty of water to stay hydrated will help keep you going through the heat and exhaustion that can be associated with a move in Florida.
  • Be cognizant of children and pets – Moving is just as taxing on your pets and children as it is on you, even though they may not be dealing with the same demanding duties as you during the move. Consider hiring a babysitter to keep them calm and occupied during the moving process, and let young ones and animals know you care by talking to them throughout the day to reduce any nervousness they may be experiencing.

While all of these tips are helpful, the best thing you can do to make your move go smoothly for you and your family is to hire a reputable moving company you can trust to ship your valuables and possessions to your new home. Smart Move Moving is proud to offer complete moving services, including packing, shipping, and storage options. For more information on our movers and the various services we offer in the St. Petersburg, FL area, contact Smart Move Moving today.