Moving Checklist…

1. All boxes are properly sealed on the top and bottom with tape.
2. Label all boxes with the room where they belong at destination.
3. Make sure all boxes are no heavier than 40 pounds.
4. Make sure that there are no loose or miscellaneous items. All items that can fit into a
box¬put in a box.
5. Disconnect and pack all electronics (including stereo, fax, computer, phone, etc.).
6. Empty fridge and freezer. Put food in cooler for transportation.
7. Pack all lamps and lamp¬shades.
8. Remove artwork and mirrors from walls and pack them in picture boxes, or arrange to
take them yourself.
9. Empty all desks and drawers. The only items that may be left in dresser drawers are
soft items. (Clothes, towels, linens)
10. Put all personal items (check book, medication, etc.) in a bag that will remain with
you at all times.
11. Put all remotes, wires, knobs, and small parts in a separate box or bag that is easily
accessible at the new location.
12. All flammable items, aerosol and propane tanks have been arranged to be moved by
13. Remove all sheets from beds.
14. Drain all waterbeds.
15. Empty fish tanks, and arrange to have all pets moved with you.
16. Leave hanging clothes in closet until move day.

We will provide you with wardrobe boxes on the day of the move.